Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I spent almost half of 2014 publishing my new Swedish book (cover, print, proof) and the other half + 2015 promoting it. The book is called ""Lina + Rymden = Tobbe" (that could be translated to "Molly + Space = Todd"). A teenage book about love, alienation and identity that's very personal, but also something that I think could do a lot of good in schools.

Anyway, it was a pretty exceptional time. Not only was it my biggest step ever for my author life, but also it made me want to write more. Parallell to this, I got to spend a lot of time with some cool Swedish film makers. They inspired me to switch over to screenplays again. Not that I had to, but it just felt right. As for now, I'm trying to fit in the writing of my next book (another teenage book - a dark, murder thriller story, target audience teenagers / young adults) and still finish off some exciting movie stuff.

Cover of my new book "Lina + Rymden = Tobbe"
I'm in Kung Fury!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Getting the Chalice at the Scarecrow fields

 Getting the chalice at the scarecrow fields

A short intro I wrote to a scary story. It goes well with the season. Sometimes your hopes can surpass anything that scares you.... Getting the Chalice at the Scarecrow fields

Monday, September 23, 2013

Horror short "Into the woods"

He said that he had the car and the cabin and that he wanted most of the characters killed. I re-wrote it a couple of times but he never got around to finish the project. I hope it gets made some day. I'd love to see some American teens run around and become these people; I grew really attached to them...

"Into the woods" version 1 - 20 pages. A long, detailed story. This version generated some great characters; Ricky here is an idiot who knows he doesn't stand a chance to be attractive or clever, so he just chooses to be the worst. Overweight, clumsy and horny. I really love how he and Dirk (the jock) interact. Shauna is the girly girl, Fey is the Tom Boy and Ashton is the sensitive, quiet guy. There is some chess symbolic and a beautiful montage of the party where everyone gets drunk. Then it all turns into classic slasher. Let's see if you can guess who the killer is...

"Into the woods" version 2 - 22 pages. A more brutal intro with the deer to give us a more intense character presentation. Dirk is darker, Ricky is more normal and the Tom Boy Fey has now become a soccer girl and carries around a soccer ball to stereotype her even more. The Cabin owner gets a bigger introduction and is creepier than ever. Rule number one still obliges, the party montage is out (but I love the transition from the moon to a lemon), instead, we have Ricky telling a classic horror story. Next people are dying all over the place in very interesting ways. Could someone else be the killer this time...?

"Into the woods" version 3 - 10 pages. I renamed this one "Cabin night". Don't ask me why... Close to Version 2, but shorter. Much shorter. The pace is up, Fey is now a Hockey girl with a badass Hockey stick! Instead of a party we got a tiny hockey match indoors.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Make an Impact"

A 30-page outline for a happy love story I wrote that could become a feature.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Revisiting Scabb Island 20 years later (Monkey Island 2 memories)

I log into "Monkey Island 2" after downloading it on the iPad and I visit all my friends that I haven’t seen since 1992. I go down to the grassy beach on Scabb Island and I look at the ocean, remembering all my real 13-year old friends standing around me, telling me to use this and that item. They are all grown-up now and they live some place else.

Not like my pirate friends sitting on logs next to an open fire. They are still here, even though it’s been so many years. We don't talk much; I just stand next to them as I listen to the waves in the background. 

I look at the trees leaning towards the water, the quiet lighthouse and how the fire is making a glowing color on the grass. I haven’t been here for 20 years and the memories are suddenly rushing over me. I close my eyes and for a moment I am back in my childhood room. The Scandinavian winter is cold and it is dark outside. The frost is on my window and the trees are silent. I wonder if anyone can see my 15-inch VGA monitor from the street?

I head out into my own night. I run across the Island and around the mountain. I want to explore every part of Scabb Island; the crystal clear air, the clouds in the sky. Oh, how I wanted to fly over this Island when I was young, far above the ocean of Penisula just to spot this ambient place and visit it for real.

My parents are calling me for dinner while I am at the Woodsmith’s house. I look at the dim lights and how the Woodsmith’s hammer is laid out just the way he likes it. I get a plate and run back to my room. I eat in silence in front of a comic book, while I listen to him hammer on that peg leg just like he always have and always will.

I'm playing as the Soviet Union is shattered and there are Riots in LA and I play through the Barcelona Summer games. I don’t look up as the UN is sending troops to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Bill Clinton is becoming the 42:nd president. The world is changing so fast, but in here, everything is within my pace. This world doesn’t let me fall behind. It always waits for me.

I open my eyes. I move my finger across the small city built of shipwrecks and I step down the stairs of "The Bloody Lip bar”. I walk down in the cozy dark with a high wooden ceiling and an old piano. It is just me and the barkeeper here but he let’s me walk around as I please.

I place my hand on the screen, the heat is there, I try to caress this world with my fingertips… trying to go back to the same time. How this bar used to speak to me. How I’d feel that I could be myself when I was here. Nothing could reach me among broken ships in the Caribbean moonlight.

I am suppose to be finishing a report for tomorrow, but I am to busy watching the stars shining through the roof in Wallys cartography shop. The candles are still burning on his large wooden table. They have burned for so long. I want to tell Wally what happened to that crush I used to have in high school, how we never talked even though I used to hang out in here while writing her name in bold letters in my math book instead of doing homework. Just as Wally, I’d be working with my pencil, but mostly I’d think about how I would see her in front of me the next day. How sweet and vivid that love was.

I visit the houseboat and I'm standing in the door way looking at Captain Dread, I'm about to speak to him for the first time again – as I used to do for so many times, but I hesitate. Maybe because it has been so long ago, maybe because I don't know where to begin. He reminds me of a friend who I went to see “Aladdin” with and who bought a “Metallica” CD after the movie. Later he would get his own electric guitar. Now he has two kids of his own and they are older than when we were when we first met.

I don't want to bother Captain Dread. Not this time. This time I leave without him even noticing I was there. The organ tones in the background becomes a flute that is now playing softly. I used to fall asleep to the tunes of this music and I realize that I am about to do it again as I go back to the campfire. I like being here, in a moment and time that will never disappear.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

"The Magnet Stone" - an unaired Thundercats episode

Throughout 2011 I was spellbound by the restart of Thundercats. I fell in love with the characters, the drama and the amazing idea to have an entire kingdom rely on a group of characters with a complicated past, hidden flaws and young (a lot of times immature) personalities. Not to mention the king who was born into the throne and the brother who had to stand in the shadows. Having "The Kits" around gave the show a unique opportunity to look at the grown-up issues from a young perspective. As we get older, we are often reminded of our own childhood seeing a younger generation interact and so I felt I had the perfect setup to capture this switch to memory lane.

During the spring of 2012 I was in contact with some of the writers of Thundercats (2011) a long with some names at WB, they heard that I was interested in writing an episode and provided me with a few original scripts of the showand after a few months I returned with an episode I wrote. However, at that time, the show got frozen.

Now that the show is on hold and reruns on Tooami, I thought that some fans might enjoy reading this piece.

 "The Magnet Stone" - an unaired Thundercats episode.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Short stories

A Las Vegas Color
David's Party

Two short stories I wrote this spring for a Fiction Writing Class.