Monday, September 23, 2013

Horror short "Into the woods"

He said that he had the car and the cabin and that he wanted most of the characters killed. I re-wrote it a couple of times but he never got around to finish the project. I hope it gets made some day. I'd love to see some American teens run around and become these people; I grew really attached to them...

"Into the woods" version 1 - 20 pages. A long, detailed story. This version generated some great characters; Ricky here is an idiot who knows he doesn't stand a chance to be attractive or clever, so he just chooses to be the worst. Overweight, clumsy and horny. I really love how he and Dirk (the jock) interact. Shauna is the girly girl, Fey is the Tom Boy and Ashton is the sensitive, quiet guy. There is some chess symbolic and a beautiful montage of the party where everyone gets drunk. Then it all turns into classic slasher. Let's see if you can guess who the killer is...

"Into the woods" version 2 - 22 pages. A more brutal intro with the deer to give us a more intense character presentation. Dirk is darker, Ricky is more normal and the Tom Boy Fey has now become a soccer girl and carries around a soccer ball to stereotype her even more. The Cabin owner gets a bigger introduction and is creepier than ever. Rule number one still obliges, the party montage is out (but I love the transition from the moon to a lemon), instead, we have Ricky telling a classic horror story. Next people are dying all over the place in very interesting ways. Could someone else be the killer this time...?

"Into the woods" version 3 - 10 pages. I renamed this one "Cabin night". Don't ask me why... Close to Version 2, but shorter. Much shorter. The pace is up, Fey is now a Hockey girl with a badass Hockey stick! Instead of a party we got a tiny hockey match indoors.

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