Thursday, January 21, 2010

A non conference subject

We are having a business conference in a castle outside stockholm
I look around and I see ironed shirts, trimmed hair cuts and black skirts
Words of future, strategy and money are presented with controlled

Suddenly - a young boy goes by outside the window
Dungeons and dragons sticking out of his backpack
Uncombed hair dancing in the wind
Life, hope, imagination, free as bird he is

A bird with white sneakers
Scraping newley raked gravel
He looks down

The silver line around him speaks
It says "i dont dream - i am dream"
White clouds go by miles above his head

Or is it chimney smoke
From that magical house with the red brick wall
That Roald Dahl house
Oh so high the white, tall windows

He is moving outside my inside angel
You dont see what he sees from in here
How he dresses the road
How he dresses the road in sparks and imagination

Is he coming in here?
Or is he going far, far away
Will i ever see that boy again...

... will I ever be that boy again

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